Test Drive i10 versus Ritz - Comparison results

Just now I had the chance to test drive both Ritz and i10.




1. Boot Space:

I would definitely go for i10. i10 has got much better boot space compared to Ritz
in the back side. In Ritz, back seat comfort is lesser, compared to i10.

2. Driving comfort:

Better in Ritz, I guess, which might be due to the bigger wheels. (Same size as that of swift)

Pick up is good in both. But Ritz has got better response for the Acceleration.

3. Interior:

Beige color interior for I10 gives a royal Look.

RITZ interior is Black in color like all Maruti Cars:

Dual tone color(blue+black) available only in higher end version of Rtiz, still not as good as i10 interior.

4. Price:

Ritz is overpriced I would say, when compared to i10. You get the same features in i10 (Kappa engine) at a starting price of 4.65 lacs whereas in Ritz it costs minimum 5 lacs.

5. Few other comparable Features:

Ritz LXI does not offer power windows even with a price of 4.8 lacs whereas Hyundai Era (very basic model with 4.3 lacs) has got front power windows.

6. Looks:

I liked the front side of Ritz very much but the back side I did not.
Ritz the overall body shape, from the side, is also awkward (in my opinion).

So if I rate totally. I would still like the old i10. Ritz is yet to be proved to
be compared to the international quality of Hyundai i10. Dont think I have written in favor of Hyundai for any reason. My parents and me had been a regular Maruti customers only. We have bought 3 maruti cars since 1998. But now, I seriously feel the difference with the Hyundai standards. I would definitely go for i10.

But I dont wish to avoid Ritz fully. I would say, Ritz is the only car which Maruti has which could compete to any international standards in the same segment.

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