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How it works

LabourNet is set up as an information exchange that provides access to information about jobs and labour in a transparent manner to construction workers and clients, respectively. To this end, it has a coordination/call centre where construction workers of all trades are registered into a database and are accessible on-call to builders, contractors, architects and individual customers for projects in Bangalore urban. The database of the workers is managed through a web-based portal, which is used to match the skill sets of workers with the client's request.

Through the comprehensive database, LabourNet facilitates access to basic accident and health insurance coverage to registered workers, which is considered to be imperative in the context of the highly hazardous nature of the construction industry. For more information and to learn how you can support this effort, click here.

Through the information exchange, LabourNet has also introduced systems of training and has initiated assessment mechanisms to grade workers in the LabourNet network. At present, the training program provides basic business skills to Labour Coordinators (LCs)* on how to do quotations, manage funds, and understand contracts and agreements, as well as safety and first aid. To learn more about our systems of workforce development, Click here.

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