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Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation(BMTC) serves the citizens of Bangalore with quality bus services.BMTC runs a fleet of Volvo buses for city transportation.There are also other services such as Big 10, Big C etc.You can check the information on bus routes , timings & bus passes in the bmtc website.

This is BMTC's new website with a new and simple look & lots of information.

1. Vajra: Hi-tech buses from Volvo running on routes serving the IT companies' locations and various residential routes as well.LED boards.

2.Vayu Vajra: Volvo buses to airport from various locations in Bangalore

3.Big 10: distinct green coloring with the Big10 logo.It connects 10 major roads in the city to the outer ring roads

4.Big Circle: Runs on the Outer Ring Road(ORR) of Bengaluru. Distinctly coloured with BigCircle written all over.

5. Blue buses: The new ordinary bus under the JN NURM scheme with low floors and LED boards.

6. Suvarna: Silver coloured with red lining. They have Re.1 higher for first 3 stages and then are on par with the ordinary. They carry LED boards.

7. Pushpak: Coffee coloured buses with fares similar to Suvarna.

8. Blue and White: the old ordinary buses with ordinary fares.

9. White and Blue: The Parisara vahini ordinary buses.

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