5 Things About Making Money on the Internet - Work from Home


1) Don’t Jump the Gun – The hardest thing about trying to earn money online is waiting for the results. We all want instant gratification these days, and it can be easy to get ahead of ourselves.

When making a website we might not spend enough time to do the proper research – instead we dive in head first, buying domains and hosting and reeling out articles. This can be fine; it can be exciting! But it takes time to realise what is a good idea and what isn’t. Jumping the gun only wastes our time and deprives us of possible earnings.

2) Be Patient – This is similar to the above point, but it deserves a point all of its own. I have come to realise that making money on the internet is about being patient. Thousands try, and thousands fail.

What makes the difference between a failure and a success is hard work and perseverance.

3) One Step At A Time – There is a wealth of information out there when it comes to building websites, blogs, writing for the web, article marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing and so on. There are so many ways to make money off your website, and so many ways to bring in more visitors. But try to complete them all and you’ll get overwhelmed.

Perhaps you feel you’re missing out if you don’t get them all set up right away. What I’ve come to realise is that you will only really be missing out if you don’t take the time to use each method to its full potential before trying to learn something new!

4) Save Money – Another problem when it comes to online business is the temptation to buy every product going. Every piece of software that can help you write articles, every information eBook on how to become a success, every course that teaches you the secrets of getting rich.

Here’s one secret for free: spend all your money and you won’t get rich! Instead, learn things one and a time and only use your profits to buy more.

5) Use Your Own Judgement – It’s all very well to follow successful online entrepreneurs step by step, but at the end of the day some things rely on your own judgement. I always look for an answer, but sometimes I look for that answer from my own intuition.

This is a skill that’s gradually learnt over time, with each step you take up that ladder towards online success.

These are all things I have come to learn from my months of making money online, both through writing for clients and through building my own blogs. I’m still learning, but at least now I’ve got some basic principles to stick to

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